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Training Deaf Dogs

June specialises in training dogs who are totally or partially deaf.  Working in liaision with an organisation called The Deaf Dog Network, she offers a free assesment and a subsidised training course, to owners of deaf dogs and puppies.

June uses kind, positive reward based training methods, and teaches owners to train their dogs to respond to a type of canine sign language, including signs to teach them to;

  • sit,

  • lie down,

  • stay,

  • come back to the owner,

  • ignore distractions 

  • walk calmly on a lead,

  • and settle down.

The techniques has proved so successful that many of June's deaf pupils have gone on to achieve prestigious nationally recognised awards such as The Kennel Club Good Citizens award.


June also shares her home with a deaf dog called Badger, who is being trained using sign language, a blind dog called Bruin who is clicker trained, and a deaf and blind dog called Bear, who is being trained to respond to touch training, all are able to lead perfectly happy and fulfilled lives because they have been trained positively.