The Perfect Puppy Course

The Perfect Puppy Course

For fully vaccinated puppies from 10 weeks of age

Our eight-week puppy clicker-training course will give your puppy the best possible start in life before the bad habits develop! 

The eight-week course offers so much more than basic training, the syllabus includes: 

  • Training your puppy to come when called; walk on the lead, 'leave', sit, and lie down on command; 

  • Teaching your puppy 'good manners' when meeting people, and impulse control with food, and toys; 

  • Safe, structured off lead play, with puppies of the same age to develop vital communication skills; 

  • Confidence Courses, designed to help with the development of balance, coordination and spatial awareness; 

  • Daily examination & grooming, preparing your puppy for trips to the vet; 

  • Early detection of and strategies to prevent problems like; resource guarding, separation anxiety, fears, phobias and aggression.

Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Award

5 to 9 Months of Age

For puppies of 5 months and over, we offer a follow on Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Award Class, designed to help you to survive the ‘awkward adolescent phase’.

The eight-week course will help you to understand and deal with physiological and psychological changes that your puppy is undergoing, and provide practical training, and help and advice on topics such as;

  • Pulling on the Lead

  • Jumping up

  • Selective deafness! (lack of recall response)

  • Excitability or boisterous behaviour

  • Destructive behaviour

  • House training 

  • The package includes a clicker and comprehensive training notes