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Dogs at Your Wedding

Want your dog to be a part of your special day? We can help!


It's natural to want to be surrounded by your friends and loved ones on your special day, and who's more beloved than your dog?

There are multiple ways to include your dog in your wedding, from giving them an important role to making an appearance for photos. Before you say 'I Do' be prepared to make your pet a memorable part of your day.


There are lots of options for you to consider and we are here to help you every step of the way. What will your dogs role be:

  • Dog of Honor — Your dog can walk down the aisle with the wedding party or perform a recall down the aisle. They can they sit alongside you while you say 'I Do'. 
    We can help your dog to become comfortable with any new equipment and walk happily on lead or run to you down the aisle. We can then help them to be able to happily relax during your ceremony surrounded by your loved ones.

  • Flower Dog — Why not have your dog carry a basket of flowers down the aisle? Be sure the flowers are safe for dogs, just incase they smell too good to resist! 
    We can help you train your dog to carry something and help them to walk happily on lead or run to you down the aisle while carrying the basket or item.

  • Ring Bearer — Get a custom made harness, lead or collar to allow your dog to carry the rings up the aisle to you.
    We can help your dog to become comfortable with any new equipment and walk happily on lead or run to you down the aisle.

  • Honoured Guest — If your dog is happier to sit and relax then give them pride of place in the front row to watch you say 'I Do'. Then can then join you for photos afterwards!
    We can help you train your dog a reliable settle so they will be happy to relax for the duration of your ceremony surrounded by your loved ones.

  • Photo Opportunity — If you would just like your dog to be present for photos after your ceremony we can collect, bring to your venue and drop off your dog at a specified location.

Want to discuss options and costs? Contact us on for full information

Why not get creative? There are plenty of options out there, so get creative and decorate the lead to fit your wedding theme. Or purchase a harness with flowers or a suit and tie!

Be sure to check with your venue and vicar or registrar to ensure they are happy for your plans to take place.


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