The Perfect Puppy Course


J. Hadfield, March 2019

"I can not thank June enough. For her advice and guidance.
I have been attending classes since 2017 and have gained lots of knowledge and insight. 
From puppy training to working towards kennel club good citizens award, to fun time agility training.
Every class I learn something new that helps me on my Journey as a dog owner. 
I would recommend to any new puppy owner get your name down for the puppy classes, learn from an experienced and caring trainer how to train yourself and your beloved pooch. You will not regret it."

C. Watson, March 2019

"I took my first springer spaniel to June’s training classes in 2000/1 and went again in 2003/4 with my second springer spaniel......the training was excellent and as a result we had many happy years with well behaved dogs. I went back in 2014 with the younger one when we were trying to determine the cause of some unusual behaviour.....June remembered the dog and gave us great tips to try which eventually resulted in us persevering with tests etc and confirming the problem was medical. After sadly losing these two fab dogs I realised i couldn’t live without a dog and got another. I didn’t hesitate in enrolling in June’s classes again.....the training methods have changed over the years but June’s knowledge, experience and passion shine through and she provides individual advice to the trainers which maximises the effectiveness of the training and gets results. She has definitely helped me get through the last 18 months with my puppy.....I had forgotten how hard it can be!!!! Nothing can replace 30+ years of experience....enrol your puppy now and get many joyful years with a well behaved dog."

K. Ashworth, March 2019

"I would recommend Solway Dog Training Centre to anyone with a puppy because June is an excellent trainer, June will go out of her way to help you with any problem you have. You can email her and she always gets back in touch with you.
The classes are friendly and informative and I enjoy going to the classes with my dog Alfie, he loves the classes so much and has come on leaps and bounds. Thank you June, it’s worth every penny."

J. Knowles, February 2018

"The Follow On Puppy Classes are very informative, l have enjoyed all my classes with June, who is patient and understands dog behaviour so well, when you listen to June talking about what a dog is thinking it makes perfect sense. I'm hoping to have a well behaved dog, a Border Collie called Flo, its a huge commitment but in time will pay of. You only benefit from the time you commit to your pooch and with Junes encouragement we will get there. Thank you so much June."

J. Meek , April 2017

"June is amazing and she's made such a difference to our extremely nervous dog in just 8 week. "

A. McFadyen, June 2016

"It was the best decision I made taking my 12 week old puppy to Solway dog training classes , my puppy loved going and we have continued going and she is now 1 year , it helped avoid unwanted behaviour problems before they started . Helps develop the relationship between you and your puppy. Thoroughly recommend the classes."