Boy Walking His Dog

The Perfect Puppy Course

Your Dog and Your Baby

Expecting a baby? Want to ensure your dog is happy with the new arrival? We're here to help!


We understand that when you have a baby everything is going to change. Although we can do our best to prepare for this, our dogs unfortunately do not know what is happening. 

By helping to prepare your dog before the baby arrives will mean that the dog is happier when the new addition arrives in your house.

When To Start?

As soon as possible! Even if you are only thinking about trying for a baby this process will help your dog become gradually accustomed to the changes that are going to be happening within your home. The sooner you begin the easier everything will be for you and your dog!

What Can We Offer?

We can offer a range of services such as:

  • Desensitisation Training - Working with you and your dog to help them become accustomed to new sounds and items that are going to be in their house. Such as crying sounds, baby bouncers and prams.

  • Loose Lead Walking - Helping your dog walk on a loose lead while you are pushing a pram or using a baby carrier so there are no accidents when out for a walk with your baby.

  • Dogs and Children - Information on how to prepare for your baby coming home, how to spot when your dog is uncomfortable and keeping your dog and baby safe

  • Calm Dog, Happy Dog - Helping your dog to settle when your baby comes home. Helping your dog to know how you would like them to act around the baby. E.g. no jumping up on you or baby, no jumping up at pram, staying calm when having their lead put on etc. We will also discuss games to provide mental exercise for your dog if you are unable to walk them, e.g. if you have to have a Caesarian Section.

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